Music for Special Occasions

Whatever your event, I can help provide music, musicians, instruments or arrange scores to suit your requirements and make your occasion a great success.

I have many years experience of planning, organising and arranging music for special occasions. I provide a friendly and efficient service, so if you have a definite requirement or just would like some ideas and inspiration then please give me a call.

Some of the of the most popular services I offer are listed below, however, special requests are always welcome - just ask.

Music Provision

As a professional musician I can provide Solo Piano music myself, with styles to suit all tastes, including classical, jazz, popular and traditional folk music. Other possibilities include organ music or arranging a String Quartet or Piano Trio to perform classical chamber music or modern arrangements of popular songs.

Instrument Provision

I have a quality digital piano available for local hire. Please contact me for details.
I may also be able to help with other requests such as keyboards (see the tutoring page).

Music Arrangments

If you would like a custom arrangement of an old classic or a modern song, either for yourself or other musicians to perform, then just ask. I have plenty of experience to help prepare your favourite piece in the right style and/or for a specific set of performers.