Keyboard Hire

I have a number of keyboards which are available for short/medium-term hire. This is mainly a service which I provide for students who are perhaps in the situation where:

» They wish to try learning the piano before committing to buying one;
» They are in the process of buying a new piano or keyboard;
» Their current piano needs a full tuning / repair but they wish to start or continue lessons.

I can also usually accomodate requests from non-students (subject to availability), so please contact me for more details if you are interested.

I have a variety to suit a range of ages and abilities as follows:

» 5-octave keyboards with touch responsive keys for £12.50 per month / £3.25 per week. An example is shown in the photo on the right.
» 6+ octave keyboards with extra sound and recording capabilities as well as touch responsive keys for £15 per month / £3.75 per week. An example is in the photo below.

Keyboard Hire wk3500 St Albans

All keyboards have full size keys and come with a keyboard stand, music stand and power adapter. I ask for a £50/£60 deposit depending on the model.

Please note: This is mainly a service to help people to learn the piano rather than for events, so there is a minimum charge of two months' hire.

In addition to the keyboards, I also have a digital piano available for daily hire or one-off events. If you would like more details, then please give me a call.

Digital Piano Hire Roland HP101 St Albans